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Rapid Brand Identity $900

An affordable brand identity without the fluff. Creativity nourished by minimalism.

The Process (1-3 Weeks)

1. Check: discovery call
Fill out a form and schedule a time to chat about the project.

2. Check: the prototypes
Review a .pdf with options for the brand identity.

3. Checkmate: your brand identity
Receive a folder with your brand assets: brand guide, logo, fonts, images, etc.

Hedvika Ticha Coaching

"Daniel’s listening skills are unprecedented. He was able to clarify my vision and distill my brand’s essence just in one session!”

Monthly Branding Checkups $80/mo

A nudge towards better brand-marketing. And more savings for coffee. Seriously, coffee’s the best.

The Process (Monthly)

1. Meet
Meet once a month to touch base on your business.

2. Pick 1 thing to focus on
Decide on 1 essential brand-marketing objective.

3. Do it
We help you achieve it.

3. Repeat
Repeat monthly.

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