Build a Brand

$1,000 / month

Shifting from a generic brand to a distinctive and competitive player in the market resembles a thrilling chess match, requiring both creative and logical finesse. Each month, we act as your strategic partner—crafting dynamic content and constructing industry alliances—to boost your digital presence and amplify your brand’s advantage.

What’s included:

  • Rapid Brand Identity

    We refine your strategic identity, transforming your start-up into an intriguing industry player.

  • Blog & Newsletter (4/month)

    We share your impact & perspective in a captivating manner, drawing in your target audience effectively.

  • LinkedIn Posts (12/month)

    We form brand alliances, turning your LinkedIn presence into a formidable digital force.

  • Lead Magnet

    We curate arresting content that attracts and retains leads, ensuring continuous audience engagement.

  • Our Commitment

    50% more LinkedIn connections, increased readership for blogs and newsletters, and a surge in inbound leads - all within three months, for just $1,000/month. If we falter, your next month's subscription is on us.

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Grow Your Business

$1,000 / month

Feel like your growth is spinning its wheels? Let’s put the game back in motion! We’ll help you build a robust network full of high-intent leads. That means more time for you to play the end-game: sealing the deal with ready-to-commit prospects.

What’s included:

  • LinkedIn Outreach

    We enhance your networking efforts by connecting you with potential clients and industry influencers on LinkedIn.

  • Targeted-Prospect Content (4 Posts)

    Custom-crafted content aligned with the interests of your highest-value prospects, ensuring your message resonates with those who matter most.

  • Lead Magnet Creation (1 Month)

    We design compelling lead magnets to captivate and retain potential customers, helping you expand your audience effectively.

  • Brand Content (4 Posts)

    Our expert team crafts captivating blog posts and newsletters that not only place your brand in the spotlight, but also make it irresistible to prospective clients.

  • Our Commitment

    at least 3 booked calls, 5 positive responses, or 1 inbound lead every month, leading to a significant increase in your lead generation. If we do not meet these expectations, we commit to providing our service free for one month.

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Additional Services

$150 – 500

Enhance your content, bolster your LinkedIn presence, and unleash a consistent stream of leads with our extensive array of à la Carte services, originating from our staple offering, the Brand Marketing Check-ups.

These specialized services are meticulously curated to target precise elements of your marketing strategy, thereby offering you the flexibility to fashion your campaigns while persistently furthering your progression on your growth journey.

A la Carte Services:

  • Brand Marketing Check-ups / $80

    Consider these sessions as subtle yet effective pushes towards superior branding and marketing approaches. Each month, concentrate on accomplishing vital objectives to fortify your brand's presence and impact.

  • Print Design (Single Item) / $100

    Choose your print item: Business card, brochure, letterhead, or 1-pager. Enjoy a design, which aligns perfectly with your brand.

  • Blog Service / $150

    A complete suite for blog and newsletter creation—including content, SEO, visuals, and email setup.

  • Social Content Pack (5 Posts) / $150

    Repurpose and enhance your blogs or videos into engaging social content. Service includes profile optimization and comprehensive reporting.

  • Presentation Revamp / $150

    Let your pitch stand out with a professionally enhanced deck, which includes improvements to content, storytelling, visuals, animations, and design.

  • Landing Page Design-Build / $500

    Boost conversions with a professionally crafted landing page. Includes persuasive copywriting, conversion-optimized UX, and monthly strategy check-ups for three months post-launch.

  • Rapid Brand Identity / $500

    Distinct brand identity in 3 weeks—narrative strategy, logo, color, typography, style guide. Includes a 20% discount on our services for six months.